st paul

Summer Nights Are Almost Here!

For any Minnesotan, we can all agree that you never get used to the Winter. And this year, it has been a cold one. The cold. The snow. The wind. The wind chill. Layers and layers of clothes and jackets and mittens and hats and scarves. Okay, okay, we get the picture. We got a little warm weather our way this past weekend and can you believe that those MN Summer nights are right around the corner?! I can't wait to get out and capture some beautiful skylines. Here is a picture of downtown St. Paul, MN taken in Summer 2014. I remember a homeless man named Peter came over to see what I was doing. We had a great conversation about how beautiful our wonderful state is and that on nights like this, the cold Winters are always worth it. 

I can't wait for another night like this.