What Is A Fresh 48 Session? | Twin Cities MN Newborn Photographer

Many of you have asked what a Fresh 48 session is. A Fresh 48 session is for those families that want to capture their baby's first hours into this world and occurs within the first 48 hours post delivery while in the hospital. This time is so special that many parents want to document these fleeting moments of their little ones.

As a parent you have waited a long 9 months to meet your little one. You have dreamt about what your experience is going to be like. You have visioned their 10 tiny toes and 10 little fingers with a longing to cradle them in your arms. To kiss their sweet cheeks. To remember how small their little ears were. Those pouty lips. The umbilical cord that nourished them in the womb. Or that beautiful cry straight from mama's tummy. To see your baby's face after dreaming of their arrival.

This session allows parents an opportunity to look back at this special time. This session is for parents who want to capture the beauty and emotion of welcoming their little bundle of joy into the world. Fresh 48 sessions provide the opportunity to document the precious moments of becoming a family of three. Or documenting big brother or sister meeting their newest sibling. Or the pure delight of a fresh new grandparent having their finger held by the tiniest of hands. This session is perfect for those parents who want to capture this first day forever. 

Many parents are either all in or completely terrified of having photos taken after having a baby. They are worried about what they look like and how they will be documented. I get it. I have been there...3 times. Your tired, worn out, and maybe even sleep deprived. But you know what? Your body just did the most amazing thing. It created life! Your baby just arrived!  It took my third baby to finally realize that I needed this moment captured and I am so happy I did. So what did I get from that session? I got to bottle up all the joy, love, and happiness from that day into photographs that I will cherish forever. You will never regret documenting this special moment in your lives. 

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My hope is that this blog has shed some light into what a Fresh 48 session is all about and has helped you decide if this type of session is right for you and your family. You can be confident knowing that you have captured these moments because they will go fast. This time is AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, FAST, and TREASURED. Let's make beautiful photos together!